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Photograph of Widewanderer with his camera

An Englishman abroad with his camera – aka Widewanderer, aka Robert Ruutel – is a native of England’s Westcountry, formerly living and working in Western Canada, but now back in amongst his native roots. A Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computer Science, eighteen years as a teacher, and latterly another twelve working in Public Transport, The Widewanderer has now decided to partly retire and pursue his passion for photography and imaging.

The artist in him yearns to escape – photographer, with a large measure of musician thrown in. I have a passion for writing and image presentation, along with original photography and photographic restoration.

The future is exciting, and I look forward to corresponding with all sorts of folk on the subject of great photography and perhaps some great music thrown in for good measure!






5 Responses to About

  1. Bill Davey says:

    Hi Rob.. It’s Bill in Kamloops. Great blog. Very enjoyable reading your blathering.

    Shelley and I are in the process of moving from our little one bedroom into the three bedroom downstairs. It has a garage with it, as well. Therefore, we should be able to get to the printing and framing in earnest.

    I have been asked by the retirement party committee (Dee and Bart) if it is possible to use your photos of Kamloops for said retirement gifts. Is that possible? Can a file like that be whisked over electronically?

    As naïve as this sounds, it still seems weird that we can communicate, so easily, so many, many miles (see how I did that? ) away. Blimey.


  2. Clinton Gordon Rule says:

    Happy New year Robert!!
    From your Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada friend,

  3. Matt austen says:

    Rob!!! I’ve been looking for you for YEARS! Matt Austen here – drop me an email – mrgausten@gmail.com

  4. Hi Rob,

    It is Malcolm here.

    Want to get hold of you by email if you could drop me a quick line on yours.

  5. Lorena Simone says:

    Hi Rob.very great blog..good job! I’m happy to see that you’re enjoying the life. Look with passion at the special gift of the nature is something not for everyone…and this special gift becomes part of you when you are able to see everything around you with different eyes. I hope you keep going in this fantastic experience. And remember “Mistery is not about travelling To New places,but looking with new eyes”.
    Your Italian friend Lorena

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