I am a dove…

I think doves are known for their homing instinct – well, at least it sounds better than “pigeon”!

Truth is, I’m heading home. Canada has been very good to me – and I really do mean that – but there is no escaping the gravitational pull of “home”, and the family that is there, waiting. Here in British Columbia, I’ve found a fascinating, warm city that is Kamloops, filled with good folks who have welcomed me with open arms; I have more genuine friends now than I think I have every had in times past.

So, even though I am heading home to Good Ol’ Blighty once more, I certainly don’t consider this as a final farewell to Kamloops – more of a “see you in a little while”, as I fully intend to spend time back here again, once retirement years finally arrive.

That is, of course, if they’ll have me…

I reckon they will, though – I’ve worked on and off in the local bus industry here for the last six years, and I think I’ve gotten along pretty well with the other bus drivers. Right now, they’ve been teasing me mercilessly, and you know, dear reader, I rather like that, a real act of endearment on thier part…I think! There’s a rumour going round that they are going to park the buses in such a way at the depot next Wednesday morning (as I fly out on the 0630 flight to Calagary and onward to Europe) to resemble a certain Gallic gesture…it would be sooooo cool if they did that! I’d love ’em to bits.

For now, then, farewell…but batten down the hatches, ‘cos the Widewanderer will be back…when you least expect it…MWAHhahahahaha!!

As Douglas Adams wrote in “Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, So long…And thanks for all the fish!”. Luckily though, in this case, the Earth is not about to be demolished by the Vogons to make way for their proposed new Galactic Superhighway, and the dolphins are quite likely to stay put. There is, after all, an abundance of fish still in the sea.

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