Wandering Widely Into Business

Sorry folks – it’s been rather a while since I last posted last year. That trip to Vancouver was well worthwhile.

Widewanderer Market Stall

The brand new, sparkly, Widewanderer market stall. Sorry about the weather! Soggy, or what?

So, it’s been a long time in the planning, and delayed since last year, mainly due to the fact that I had been invited to drive a bus up and down to Highland Valley Copper Mine each day, transporting construction workers, for copious amounts of money – such things just cannot be turned down! But that project has now drifted on into history, and the decks are clear for Widewanderer to move into business.

Last Saturday was Easter Saturday, and the opening gig at the Kamloops Farmers’ Market – yes, indeed, Widewanderer has been admitted to the Kamloops Farmers’ Market as Home-based Craft Vendor, and now has a stall! For the rest of the summer season, I’ll be at the market on St Paul (in a couple of weeks, the craft vendors will be moving up into the Stuart Wood School field, just adjacent to St Paul), and my little stall will be in business from 8am until 12.30pm. Every Saturday. For the foreseeable future…

Come along and visit me, and let me know how I can help you with your picture framing projects. Or… I am looking for folk who have that incredible photo on their own digital camera, long forgotten about, but which I could now be helping to turn into something really special and memorable. Something to hang on the wall, of which to be mightily proud, or something to give as that special and meaningful gift to a loved one. Filling up most of my living space next to my office is now the HUGEST printer I have ever seen, and I can now print to high quality, large format up to 24″ wide, and however long one wishes the picture to be – lustre and gloss photo paper comes in 100ft rolls, whilst I can also print straight on to specially produced canvas, to give a photographic piece that differently artistic feel – many of my market visitors are already commenting on how my photography looks like a painting when presented on canvas.

I have a variety of ready-made picture frames, all in proper hard wood – oak, poplar and spruce – just waiting for someone’s special art work, and, of course, ready-to-hang finished pieces featuring Widewanderer’s original photography and various decorative prints I have come across in my travels, and which I have now finished in my own framing. My prices are modest – underlining my mission to produce good quality art for folk, at a price which won’t send them screaming into the middle distance at its mere mention!

Bring your cameras along, too, if you fancy – I’m more than happy to spend a little time with my educator’s hat on, helping people better understand that camera they have just bought, helping them get that really knock-out shot that will be the talk of parties for ages to come.

Got that old photo in a beaten up old frame, forgotten about in a cardboard box in a cupboard, of a long-departed, but dearly loved family member, pet, or vintage motor, perhaps? Maybe I can help bring it back to life. Widewanderer has already helped individuals by scanning old photos, then restoring them using techniques in Adobe’s Photoshop. I can remove damage (to a reasonable extent), correct blemishes, remove that unfortunately placed bit of background clutter, correct colour balance, enrich black & whites and sharpen up details, before printing onto quality photo paper, and perhaps even reframing the piece into a finished product. Be aware, though, that results will vary, and success hinges to a large extent on the original I am working with – it is not, for example, possible to produce a massive poster-sized print from a tiny thumbnail original, and if an original is fuzzy and badly focused, Photoshop will not be able to miraculously turn it into a professional’s dream shot. Having said that, though, we can have a lot of fun with imaging…

So, COME AND VISIT ME at the Kamloops Farmers’ Market, amongst the craft stalls, on Saturdays from 8am until 12.30pm from now until summer is over. I look forward to meeting you soon! Oh, there’s also a Wednesday market in downtown Kamloops, and I may well be getting along to a few of those as well đŸ™‚

See you soon!

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