Two Young Ladies and a Little Dude

Stay at the Ramada Inn in Richmond, BC, for three consecutive nights or more this summer, and they let you “play for free”. Tourism Richmond have obviously promoted a great package of accommodation and attractions to entice folk to visit the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, and Richmond in particular. Delighted to have found this most excellent offer, I swallowed the baited line with utmost glee, and duly arrived to be presented with my little book of vouchers entitling me to FREE entry into a variety of Richmond and Vancouver attractions…

Top of the list this morning – Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.

Hmmmmm… A rope bridge to walk across; Hmmmmm… A boardwalk built outwards over the gorge, literally suspended by wire rope; Hmmmmm… Lots of Chinese tourists piling into the park same time as me; well, can't complain about that, being a tourist, officially, myself. Walk, walk, walk… Trees, trees, trees… Hmmmmm…

But then –

Image of Little Dude

Lil' Dude (Make sure you get my good

In a small, so far quietly undisturbed little knook of the park waited two young ladies and their little feathery companion. Just like three seasoned stage performers they waited, the shady trees their Green Room, preparing for their entry into the limelight. Introducing Sara, Simone, and Lil' Dude the North American Kestrel…

Image of Simone and Little Dude

Simone: Hey Dude, I hear the Royal baby's called George Alexander Louis... Lil' Dude: Trips off the tongue, eh?

Upon Simone's hand Lil' Dude stood, looking at her longingly as she chatted away softly to him, then glancing away again just to check for stray predators, or the passing opportunity for a passing snack. Not that that would have done him much good, the passing snack, I mean, as the little chap was securely tethered to his mistress' hand. But the swagger and the expression said it all – Lil' Dude was clearly a professional, and had been for some time. Words were certainly not necessary for Lil' Dude to make his presence felt. “Aw, cummon Boss – let's get this show on the road…then gimme the CASH and let's get outta Dodge!” Union stalwart through and through was Lil' Dude.

Lil' Dude, though, is a seasoned pro, and was now on his perch; To the left, two, three, four; to the right, now…hold it… The little fellow stretched out a leg for a moment… Hold it… A little cheeky glance towards the crowd of two now gathered, then a wink towards the still outstretched talons. “Heh, heh, heh, sharp, eh?” (Little Dude is Canadian, after all, and even Canadian Birds of Prey say “eh?”, eh?). “Cor, tough crowd this morning, Boss…”, mused Lil' Dude (I'm sure), as his tail popped up and down (the Kestrellian equivalent to a human's foot tapping on the floor, in mild frustration with events running about as fast as thick molasis).

Image of Sara and Little Dude

Sara: My hero... Lil' Dude: Groan - Gimme a break...!

Curious crowds began to gather as Sara and Simone began off-the-cuff bird stories, and I stood and listened, transfixed by the regaling of these two young ladies. And Lil' Dude just stood their and listened along. What a pro! You know, Sara and Simone certainly knew their stuff, and the passion with which they recounted their love of looking after their feathered companions shone through with immense intensity. What a reassurance and inspiration to see this in young folk today, the same young folk who are getting run down daily on account of their indifference towards the world and society in general.

An hour or more just slipped past, the real world a distant speck on the horizon as I floated along with the stories of Sara, Simone, Lil' Dude and his friends. These two young ladies and their little friend really made my visit special this morning, and for that I say a huge “Nice one, chaps – and thanks awfully!” I moved on, deeper into the park, leaving the three of them now with quite a crowd of fascinated onlookers…

Image of Little Dude stretching his wings

Right, gimme the cash!


1 thought on “Two Young Ladies and a Little Dude

  1. Wonderful story of my daughter Sara, our employee Simone and of course the main star, Lil Dude. Thank you so much
    Karen Kamstra
    Raptors Ridge ‘Birds of Prey Inc

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