Escape to the Interesting

Image of Waterfront Park, North Vancouver

Waterfront Park, North Vancouver

The photographer's dream… Four clear days to escape. Four days, for a change not driving a bus. Four days just sitting, at last beside ocean, four clear days with nothing but sunshine in the forecast and the ocean breeze for company. Catch something interesting out of the corner of the eye and snap, the photo's in the bag.



Image of Canada Place, Vancouver

Canada Place

This is Vancouver, a world away from Kamloops, a totally different ambience. Parks and open spaces, but with the action and bustle of the city just minutes away. Beautiful people relaxing doing interesting things, not in a “funny” way, just Vancouverites being interesting. Interesting folk contributing to what makes Vancouver one of the world's most interesting, and eminently liveable, cities. Interesting. That's why I came to Canada…

Image of a totem pole

I say, TAXI!

Turn around, and there's a totem pole jumping out at you; turn the other way, and there are summer folk taking a sailing lesson. Then just fluttering in the breeze, horticulture with sizzling, stunning colour. The sun brings out the happiness in people, must be something to do with the chemistry of sunny rays. Lick, slurp, three ample folk with slightly over-sized paunches wander past licking ice creams; but they are happy. Then a middle-aged gentleman, silver hair sparkling in the sunshine, carrying a sheaf of official papers, strides past with purpose. Obviously a businessman or high ranking official on the clock, but he, too, looks happy. Not a tie or jacket about him – just smart and purposeful.

Folk gather their belongings and move on, and so do I. Much to see, much to snap through the camera's ever truthful eye.


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