Towards Business…

So, the exit from driving Kamloops' Transit buses happened, the travel back to the UK to visit mum in Bristol happened, and now the big leap towards setting up a little business has also happened.

Image of Widewanderer Workshop

Widewanderer's Workshop

Widewanderer is now officially trading in Kamloops, and although we've only turned over about $400 so far, the future holds all sorts of prospects. What am I doing? Answer, Imaging and Picture Framing, Digital Photography and the like. See my “Picture Framing” page for more details.

It's been a rather slower process than I would have liked, but we got there in the end. I went to a local pro framer in town, Cheetie by name, and she did a fabulous job of getting me started with basic framing skills – matte cutting with all the little extras, handling frames, metal and wood, glazing, equipment, even computer software for managing a framing business.

In the meantime, I bought a little modular house in the Westsyde district of town, with a lovely little addition on the side which has become my very own workshop. And a trawl through the classified ad sites like Kijiji lead me to some great deals on liquidated equipment and stock – Steve in Invermere provided me with all the “capital” equipment for less than a quarter of what it would have cost brand new, whilst Bill in Vernon sold me all his pre-made frames and raw moulding; instantly saleable stock!

Lord knows how much raw material I have mucked up – it's bound to happen in the early days – but the finished products are now coming out in decent shape. You know the scenario – I get a great piece of glass installed and the piece carefully put aside… The next day I see a little tweak that I've just GOT to do, and CRACK! The glass has split in twain. The expletive could be heard in Vancouver! It's all a big learning curve…

So, the artist is getting quite a buzz from his work. For your pleasure and delectation, some photos of the first finished pieces. Nothing like blowing one's own trumpet, eh?

Image of finished piece - Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl - Bill Davey. 3-inch oak moulding finished in white acrylic

Image of finished piece - Kamloops Titans

Kamloops Titans poster, oak frame finished in textured black, with v-groove matte

Image of finished piece - Chepstow Castle

Chepstow Castle - presented in a shadow box. Laminated photograph, v-groove matte. Plexi-glass.

Image of finished piece - 2141 Spirit of Kamloops

Spirit of Kamloops. V-grooved matted using red core matte board. Additional opening for title.

Image of finished piece - Cabot Tower

Cabot Tower - Double matte in oak frame, English Chestnut wood stain.

Image of finished piece - Never Ending Freight Train

The Never Ending Freight Train - V-grooved matte, additional opening for title

Image of finished piece - Know What You're Holdin'

Collector's piece - Know What You're Holdin' - Budweiser Bar Mirror with clock

Image of finished piece - Carmen

Collector's piece - Carmen - Metal frame refinished in Hammered Bronze enamel, half inch matte for extra accent

Image of finished piece - British Trains collage

British Trains - Collage piece, oak frame finished in textured black enamel


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