City and County

The City of Bristol in all its Glory

Image of Bristol Cabot Tower

Cabot Tower, on Brandon Hill, was built at the end of the 19th century

Ancient Bristol, a medieval city, strategically placed at the confluence of two rivers, the Frome, and the Avon. The city's name, a contraction and distortion of “Bridge” and “Stowe” – Brigstow. Trouble is, the locals in these parts have a habit of adding an “l” to the end of any word which ends, or sounds as if it ends, in a vowel. It was not long until “Brigstow” had its “l” appended to become Bristol.

Image of St Mary Redcliff Church

The Parish Church of St Mary - famously described by Queen Elizabeth I as the fairest and goodliest parish church in the land

An ancient port, inextricably connected with the slave trade, much to the chagrin of the modern day city, it has grown into a vibrant centre of humanity in England's Westcountry. So close to the sea, the rivers are tidal hereabouts, which made life pretty awkward for port operations, to the extent that at around the time of the Victorians, the flow of the river was rerouted, lock gates built, and the original harbour became the “Floating Harbour”, since the water level now remained constant.

The problem of a tidal river between the Floating Harbour and the ocean, however, remained, and with the cost of using the port ever increasing, traffic dwindled, and the port as a working commercial area closed, finally, in the 1970s. Nowadays, the port is located at the mouth of the Avon, some miles from the city centre.

Bristol is a picturesque university city and local centre of culture – I present a few choice Bristolian morsels of the photographic variety…

Image of Bristol Cathedral roof

View over the roof of Bristol Cathedral

Image of SS Great Britain

Brunel's steam ship Great Britain

Image of Bristol's Floating Harbour

The Floating Harbour

I age of Clifton Suspension Bridge

Brunel's Suspension Bridge in Clifton

Image of Bristol University

Wills Memorial Tower and Bristol University

Image of the Observatory

Clifton Observatory


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