The Blogging Widewanderer

Photograph of Robert, a k a Widewanderer

It’s a rather foggy day at Hartland Quay in Devon. Perfect for atmosphere! Widewanderer gazes out over the rolling Atlantic Ocean through the lens…

Welcome, Dear Reader.

Widewanderer – Also answers to Robert… An ex-patriot Englishman now living in Western Canada. Former teacher, former bus driver, now stepping out into a brave new world as a professional imager and photographer.

Things that tingle the senses have, since I was but a babe in arms, well, tingled me. Great images and artworks, the best in music, the smells of fine wines and fine foods… Teaching classes of kids, driving a bus around this little city of Kamloops, British Columbia – they are all great fun, but the artist in me YEARNS to get out.

Now, as I start my fiftieth year on the planet, the opportunity has arisen to do just that – start my own photo business. Portraits, weddings, photo restoration, camera classes, Photoshop, and the chance to finally get out and about in this new home of mine – Western Canada – to capture something of the insanely beautiful place I live in, on camera.

So, Dear Reader, keep watching this space for news of the Widewanderer wandering widely, and samples of his art. In the meantime, do please also visit my photo galleries on or have a peek at some of the video work I have done on YouTube; it’s all found on my home page at

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